Cleaning Tips for Your Deck

Cleaning Tips for Your Deck

Every homeowner should clean their deck annually. Maintaining a clean deck year over year will protect it from the natural elements and father time. Now is the time to get outdoors and give your deck the renewal it needs to thrive another year. Clean decks are strong decks – the type that is perfect for your friends and family to enjoy. Spring into this article to uncover some great cleaning tips for your deck. 

Before you start cleaning your deck, remove all of the items that are currently sitting on the deck. Items such as chairs, pots, shoe trays, and even the table if possible should all be removed to make it easier for you to clean the deck. Start cleaning your deck by sweeping all of the dust, dirt, and debris away. You’d be surprised how much dirt and debris can collect between the floorboards. Use a good broom to clear out everything between the cracks and all the nooks and crannies. As you clean, watch out for weakened areas around the deck and replace any boards or rails as needed. Once your deck is clear of debris start dealing with any stains that are present. Give the deck a thorough wash using a scrub brush and the hose. Try using a hose with a bristle attachment and apply some elbow grease for any tough spots. Only use cleaning chemicals that are safe on wood and won’t dry out the deck. If you’re deck is made up of concrete, use a multipurpose solution to remove grime and algae. One helpful tip is to rent a power washer to help spray the deck clean. This is also helpful to strip old paint if you’re going for a new look.  Be careful when using a power washer however, the pressure can be too much if your deck is made of soft wood or it could deteriorate the grout between the concrete stones. While using soap and water to clean your deck, pay attention to how the water soaks into the wood to determine if another layer of deck sealer is required. Another great tip to a cleaner deck is to sand it after it dries from the wash to help give it a fresh appearance. After sanding your deck sweep off the dust or use a vacuum to suck up powder and other small pieces of litter that might still exist. If you plan to apply sealer, wait 24-36 hours to allow the water from the wash to fully dry. Once dried, slap on a fresh seal over your new clean and smooth deck. 

Cleaning your deck is important to sustain its life over time. Give your deck some love at least once a year to maintain its health and appearance. With these tips, you won’t be disappointed with the results.