Home Organization and Storage Solutions

Home Organization and Storage Solutions

Home organization and storage can be a big problem for many homeowners. Many of us either have too much stuff for a space that’s just not big enough or we are those people that never throw anything way. Regardless of which bucket you fall in, you still have to have somewhere to put all of it and that’s the real challenge we all face. Ask yourself where in your home can you find more space. Believe it or not, the answer can be just about anywhere such as under your stairs, the ceiling of your garage, or on the walls of your basement. In this article, you will find exciting new ways on how maximize your home’s storage and organization.

Start by taking a second and understanding what in your home matters and needs to be stored. It’s impossible to store absolutely everything in your home, therefore it’s important to distinguish between what needs a home and what does not. Start solving your clutter problem with the easiest trick in the book by adding shelves. Shelves are great resources as they come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. No matter what you are trying to store away, there’s a shelf out there that fits. Whether it’s steel racks to hang above your garage or glass shelves to hang in your newly refinished basement, there’s an option that will fit your needs. Another huge benefit to using shelves is that they are customizable. You can create your own specs to fit your home such as a hanging shelf to hold extra pots and pans in your kitchen or a corner platform to hold your entertainment devices.  Don’t forget to look for joist space storage in other areas of your home like the garage or basements. Installing wire shelving to the underside of the joists in your home will save a lot of space and is the perfect place to organize containers and those seasonal items you only bring out once a year.  Utilizing containers in your home are a great solution to both your homes organization and storage. Containers not only store your belongings, they protect and minimize space occupancy. Containers are another solution that comes in all shapes in sizes. Containers are also readily cost effective as you can use many second hand items like jars, shoeboxes, and baskets to keep items in a proper place. Don’t waste money on buying fancy containers or hiring closet specialists, when you can set up your own shelves and use your own containers to store shoes, kitchenware, office items, and tools in the proper places.

Home organization and storage does not have to be expensive or labor intensive. Take a look around your home where you see nooks, crannies, wall space, or dead space and get creative in implementing your own solutions using the tips in this article.  You may just find out your home is a lot bigger than you think.